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5 things you may not know about Bath Abbey

5 things you may not know about Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

We live in Bath, work in Bath and socialise in Bath! How much do we know about Bath Abbey? Not a lot!

So, here are 5 things you may not know about Bath Abbey:-


The actual site where the Abbey was built had 2 other churches built there before Bath Abbey was constructed. The first  was built in 757 AD, an Anglo-Saxon monastery later destroyed by the Norman conquerors of England. The Normans went ahead and built a cathedral around 1090 but by the late 15th Century it was no longer used. Then, in 1499, Bath Abbey was constructed and is of course still there to be viewed by many today – 519 years later!


The very first King of England was crowned on the Bath Abbey site in the year 973! This then set the precedent for the coronation of all future kings and queens of England, including Queen Elizabeth II.


If you approach the Abbey from its West front you will see the very unique ‘Ladders of Angels’. The apparent reason for this design was due to the Bishop of Bath, Oliver King, waking after dreaming of angels ascending and descending into heaven.


Bath Abbey is the last great cathedral to have been built in England!


The inside of Bath Abbey was completely redesigned in 1864 by Sir George Gilbert Scott. Scott’s vision of Victorian Gothic architecture is what has given the Abbey its stunning design. It is said that his greatest architectural feat within the abbey is the complete replacement of the ancient wooden ceiling above the nave.

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